February first and we finally are ready to leave La Cruz. Remember back in our last post when I said the parts we were waiting on could take a week or three to get here. I need to be careful what I say and think. The part took two weeks to get here but the repair became more complex than anyone would have guessed and just like that we are 22 days in the marina.

La Cruz church at night
Friday night dancing horses in La Cruz
Colourful La Cruz houses
Interesting infrastructure
Watch where you walk and drive
One of several murals in town
Tacos on the Street … YUM
Just part of fixing a furler

We did manage to meet up with a number of friends on other boats as they passed through the area and of course made new friends on boats that share the marina bays close to us.

The repairs to the furler required some testing so we took some friends and sailed across Banderas Bay to Yelapa.

Picking up the crew to sail to Yelapa

Yelapa was deeded to the indigenous peoples by Spain back in 1581. It has remained as such ever since with no individual land ownership. Everything is owned by the community. Power only arrived in the community in 2001.

From above

There are no roads to Yelapa and consequently the streets are really just wide trails paved with old cobble stones and various mixtures of “concrete”. Small motorcycles and Quad ATV’s are the only forms of mechanized transport and the quads can barely navigate the wide sections. Like all coastal towns, when you arrive at the beach, everything is up. Stairs are a unique combination of rises and depths and handrails are optional. Pay attention when you are walking!

There is a nice walk through the town and up to a waterfall with a “cool” pool at the bottom if you need to refresh.

Lunch on the beach in Yelapa

The boat is ready and we are ready, so its time to set off for the next destination.

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