We finally reached the point in time where we must turn the boat and head north. Puerto Vallarta will be as far south as we make it this year. It’s a bit early in the season to turn north but there’s a good reason. Our daughter and son-in-law are expecting our first grandchild at the end of March. Woo who!!!!!

Most cruisers would keep going until May or June and then find a spot to wait out hurricane season. We have decided to head north to Puerto Penasco and haul the boat for the season there. So, for the last two weeks we have been back tracking over familiar territory.

We departed Puerto Vallarta and moved back to La Cruz for a couple of days. Our friends on Sedna just got there and we wanted to catch up with them. We only had a day with them as a weather window opened for us to continue moving north. That’s going to be the theme for the next few weeks as we need to head north but the winds this time of year generally blow from that direction and can blow with some significant force. We need to find the lulls in these prevailing winds, so we have a more comfortable ride.

With the weather window we were able to make it from La Cruz to Matanchen in one day. Matanchen, across the Sea of Cortez to Muertos in an overnight crossing, then on to La Paz.

We have been in La Paz for about a week. Waiting on weather and waiting on parts for our main toilet pump. Whoever said two heads are better than one must have lived on a boat. Thank goodness we have two on this boat as we have been dealing with a broken one for over a week now. The part we needed was supposed to come in as part of a stock order for a local marine store. Well guess which part did not get shipped with the rest of his order? Grocery shopping is a little different than we are used to as well. Some shops we use others not so much.

Bulk shopping Mexican style
How hot do you like it?
Even pet food is available
Corner butcher
Major supermarket chain

I’m telling my tale of whoa to Jersey Girl, another boat we met on the Baja Ha Ha, who is also staying at this marina and they had the part we were looking for. They were happy to sell me the part for what it cost them, and I could get on with fixing the problem.

Oh yeah that’s a great plan. Now I get to fix the poo pump from the toilet. Yup it’s a crappy job and I’m the one that gets to do it. Glove up and get on with it. We assumed that was all the info you wanted on this topic and are not providing any pictures.

Pump fixed. Toilet working and weather is looking good for departure tomorrow. While we have been waiting we have been walking about and enjoying La Paz once again.

Sharing the dock
Every town has a church
Little bars and restaurants all over the place
Local colour
Interesting front door
What to do with an old truck
Another sunrise
Another sunset

Wi-Fi and cellular are going to be harder to find as we head further north so our postings may be a bit more sporadic but we will up date as we can.

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3 thoughts on “Re- Runs

  1. HI guys. Good to see this as I have been wondering where you are. Fixing plumbing. I feel your pain. It seems you fix one thing and then something else goes. The pictures are great and it’s always good to read about you travel and adventures. It seems like a small and wonderful world where we can meet up with people we know or have met in our past. Glad you are not traveling alone always. On another note….. We have had two days of snow.. The weather says rain on the weekend. Sounds more familiar. Keep in touch . Xoxo Karen & Steve

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