So, we have spent almost 2 weeks just kind of hanging out in the Bay area. One of the advantages of our lifestyle is that whenever we want to, we can up and move and change the view. We spent six days in Berkeley, then moved to Emeryville, Sausalito, Richmond and then downtown San Fran at Pier 39.

Sausalito Waterfront
Floating Home Community

While the other areas we visited we quiet “suburbs” of San Francisco, Pier 39 is in the tourist centre. There are plenty of shops, restaurants, street performers and of course the famous sea lions. Noisy and smelly and yet still draw a crowd of people to watch them. Fortunately, we were on the other side of the docks. Our friends onboard Sedna had to listen to them day and night. We only had to convince this one to move so we could get back to the boat.

Pier 39 Sea Lions
Not Happy About Moving

We mix in a bit of tourist stuff with a bit of boat projects, an occasional day sail on the bay, sprinkle in a bit of reading, card playing and relaxing and poof the day is gone. I’m starting to realize how much work got in the way of having fun.

Speaking of boat projects. It still amazes me that we have so much stuff packed into this small boat. It never fails that whatever I need, even for a quick 5-minute fix, is buried under the bed and several storage containers. It usually takes longer to dig the part out than it does to do the repair.

Found it

After a couple of weeks, we felt we had spent enough time in San Fran and it was time to get a move on. So, we left early in the morning and headed south 25 miles, destination Half Moon Bay. Its about half way between San Francisco and Monterey Bay. I’m finally feeling like I’m in California. It’s the first place we have stayed that has a big sandy beach and surfers.

San Francisco Sun Rise
Golden Gate at Sunrise
Marina Sign
Half Moon Bay Beach

We have lots of time to harbour hop down the coast. The Baja HaHa cruising rally we have joined, leaves from San Diego at the end of Oct, so we are planning for San Diego mid Oct.

Stay tuned for our next episode 😊

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