Beary Cool !!!!!

Cam, Barb and I made arrangements with Breakaway Adventures for their Anan Bear tour. A 7-hour day with a jet boat ride to and from Anan bay, orientation by the US Forest Service Rangers, armed escort (you are in bear territory after all) for the ½ mile walk to the bear viewing area and 4 hours at the viewing area including time in the lower blind. You end up right at the creek where the bears are feeding on the salmon coming up the Anan river. You and the bears are separated by a 3 foot high 2×4 fence and a couple of rangers with bear spray and guns if needed (fortunately not on our trip).

How cool was this? Well we lived in bear country and it was not uncommon for us to have bears in the back yard at the house and we were still awed by having them this close and behaving like we did not exist.

We’ll just let the pictures do the talking.


Upper level viewing platform


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2 thoughts on “Beary Cool !!!!!

  1. Once again amazing to see this. Thank you. Miss you and Barb like crazy but now able to not only see what you are seeing but inspired to get to Alaska.

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