Wow! Talk about your conditioned responses. Here we were 8 full days without a cell phone signal. We are happily sailing along and out of no where comes this “Bing” incoming text message alert. We are both positively giddy. WE HAVE CELL!

Its like heroin to an addict. Quick jump up, grab the phone catch up with the world before we lose coverage again. What an interesting response. How hooked do they have us? How happy are we to have this option?

The answer to the last question is obvious. We are very happy.
Today’s technology is quite remarkable when you think of it. We can quite literally be in the middle of the ocean and stay connected if we so choose. We have the ham radio from which we can send and receive emails. We have the cell phone/ smart phone which allows us to send and receive emails, access the web and make phone call  when cell coverage is available (coastal cruising) and we have a satellite phone from which we can do both voice and data from any spot on the globe.

We also have AIS (Automated Identification System) a radio system that allows us to track and identify other likewise equipped boats and all commercial vessels and they can track and identify us.

We have a radar system that will see “targets” in the darkest of nights or thickest of fogs.. Its nice to know where everybody is when you cant see due to fog or darkness.

We have GPS (Global Positioning System) that will generally identify your position with an accuracy of about 9 feet nearly anywhere on the planet.  We even have a satellite radio receiver, so we can listen to / fight over what music we have on and catch the occasion hockey game.

Really makes you appreciate how the explorers and others did it before all of this technology. And we though we were so smart.

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