I’ve never done this before.

Is kind of a strange sensation.

You are concerned about your body image and how you look

You are constantly wondering if people are looking at you and what they are thinking.

They all seem to look better than you

But in the end, you just have to go for it.

So, we left all the sails with the sailmaker and we are now cruising around without sails.

A naked sailboat. (what were you thinking?)

The saga continues. We met with the sailmaker and rigging company today and they shortened the forestay which brings the top of the mast forward which tilts the aft (back end) of the boom up and away from the hard top. Success on that part but we are still struggling to get the new mainsail to roll up (furl) on the boom correctly and easily. The sailmaker has a few last tricks up his sleeve and we are hopeful one of these will be the solution. The frustration level is mounting in all of us.
The new boom vang has been ordered but it will be 7 to 10 days before it is here, so I guess we are cruising on a naked sailboat. Which is a whole lot different than naked and cruising on a sailboat 😊

Ruxton Island Sunset


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3 thoughts on “Naked In Public

  1. Hey Derick and Barb wishing you an incredibly awe inspiring, fun, adventurous and safe journey. You are living your dreams which in an ironic way is what we all “dream” about one day! Be safe and have fun . . . will be following you along the way and look forward to hearing all your adventures when you get back!

  2. Bahahaha – when I started reading this, I thought, of course, you were talking about sailing with no clothes on. When we were sailing in Croatia summer 2016 we encountered many truly naked sailors 🙂

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