So what does one do while waiting to set the plan in motion.

You collect.

You collect books.

You save websites and blogs in your favorites. You end up dedicating a room in your house for new or new to you boat parts that you will use as you set up the boat.

But most of all you collect knowledge.

Our plan originally took shape in 2016 as a 5 year plan with a departure date in 2021. As such we thought we had time to learn the new skills that would be needed gradually. The more we looked at things, the more we saw that we could shorten the departure date to three years, then two and then one. Holy crap! Now its like cramming for the final exam!

Thank goodness for a group in Vancouver called the Blue Water Cruising Association. They have branches in Victoria and Calgary as well. www.bluewater

This group has been an a huge help in both building our knowledge base as well as meeting with like minded people who can share their experiences and encouragement. They hold regular monthly meetings in which they host various speakers to provide information on all kinds of different topics. The meetings are open to the public. If you have ever dreamed of “sailing off into the sunset” check them out.

Additionally there areĀ  monthly meetings for a sub group called Fleet. These ones are designed specifically for people planning on heading off shore in the next year or two.

I’m not sure we would be at this stage now without the input, ideas, encouragement, hand holding and help of the different members of the BCA. Thanks folks!

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