The Cat Is Out Of The Bag – (its not a secret anymore)

Hello and welcome to our little corner of the electronic universe. We are Barb and Derick Sindell and we are here to share with you our adventures and likely some misadventures, as we sail around this big blue marble.

The plan is simple take our Lagoon 380 sailing catamaran from our home port of Vancouver BC, Canada and sail until we don’t like it any more. While its a simple plan, the execution has been anything but.

If you are reading this, then we have officially given notice to our employers and the plan has just become very real. So how did all of this happen?

Derick has been on and around small boats all his life and has always had a fascination (read obsession) with them. We spent a number of summers charting both sail and power boats and cruising the local Pacific Northwest waters. (Which, by the way, are spectacular. If you are reading this from distant shores and ever have the opportunity to cruise in this area please take advantage of it. You won’t be sorry.)

Eventually life got in the way, and while raising our family cruising type boating took the back seat. Summers were spent at the family cabins so small boat watersports became the fix.

One of our favorite afternoon excursions has always been walking the seawalls and waterfront areas of Vancouver. The views are great, the people watching is great and there are marinas and boats to look at. Derick often stopped to talk with owners and brokers. Barb always figured we were wasting the salesperson’s time and would never have a boat.

Boy was she wrong (the one and only time) In 2009 we purchased a Lagoon 380 catamaran. We have been happily sailing her around the local Pacific Northwest waters while I kept dropping hints about further shores and letting the idea soak in.

We began reading blogs and books, attended many boat show seminars,  investigated the Blue Water Cruising Association and dropping in on some of their seminars. It was not until a fluke meeting of some like minded individuals at the Nanaimo fuel dock a couple years ago that the plan really started to take shape. Thanks John and Marina!

So now its happening. Follow along with us as we, prepare for and head off on our little adventure.



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3 thoughts on “The Cat Is Out Of The Bag – (its not a secret anymore)

    1. Thanks Gary. We figured we would give it a shot. We did not want to sit around years from now and wonder…. what if ??????

  1. I hope all is well and your adventure let’s you see the world ! I’m Very happy for you both !

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